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Our Families

Our Families


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Avery & Donna

 By day, Avery and Donna both work as Software Quality Assurance Specialists in the Wild and Wacky IT world . But their real jobs are being the full time parents to their wonderful 4 year old daughter Stephanie. Prior to this, they both used to enjoy fun activities such as traveling, dining out a lot and working 14 hour work days. This has all been replaced by new fun activities such as trying to get toys picked up, wondering what to cook for dinner that is kid appealing, and traveling to exciting places like the Zoo, Centreville, McDonald's, Marineland and Science Centre. 
Since their Forever Family Day in January  2003, their lives have forever been changed and are having  more fun than they ever dreamt possible.They look forward to getting to know fellow 244 members and are very excited about welcoming their second child in 2006.


 Also found Steph's drawing, according to her  it's "Mom, Dad, and me under the moon & stars at night"  
Think it looks like us ? :))


Dave & Holly

This is us, doing our favourite things & not so favourite things. Tiana is riding her bike on the sandbar & Luck has swallowed something very green. Dave is fixing something or other. Holly doesn't really look like this though: she's shorter, has fading strawberry blonde hair & hardly ever wears a dress. She does have a shiny red mjop bucket though. As you can see, there are still missing pieces to our family.


Paul & Mary Ellen

We look forward to the excitement of the next few months and the day we meet the other families and finally our daughters.
P.S Paul looks a bit "serious" in the photo, but he is just a BIG KID!


Tom & Michelle

Info to follow

Todd & Stephanie

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Charile & Juanita

Charlie and Juanita are 42 and 37 respectively and have been married for 10 years.  We live in beautiful cottage country near the shores of Lake Simcoe in Innisfil with our four-legged child, Sarge.  Charlie is a self-employed truck driver and Juanita works full time at BDO Dunwoody as an Accounting Technician.  In the past, we have been able to enjoy excursions such as 2 Caribbean cruises.  We likely will be replacing those outings with trips to McDonald's for the play areas, the beach and the Zoo!. Both of us are looking forward to this wonderful, yet scary, journey we are about to embark upon and to share in this life-altering experience with you. 



Paul & Angela

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Michael & Karen

We are Michael & Karen of Dundas, Ontario.  We have been married since April 1999 and have two children - Victoria (2001) and Austin (2003).  Michael is a Market Segment Manager in Campbellville, ON.  Karen is a stay at home mom and works as a medical transcriptionist on a part-time basis from our home.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to experience this adoption journey and eagerly anticipate welcoming another little one into our hearts and home.

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Christopher & Tracie

We are Tracie and Christopher Brown from Newfoundland and Labrador.  We have been married six years, but have been together since 1989.  We are 34 and 35 repectively.  We have two very large, beautiful cats named Max and Sam.  They have been a very important part of our family up to this point, and we look forward to bringing the REAL BOSS of the house home from China.  We could not have children due to medical reasons, and decided last February to file for adoption.  Here on the Rock it takes quite a while for the wheels of the government to start moving, but we are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  We look forwar to meeting everyone, and hope that we do travel together to get our beautiful baby girls. 
Sorry about the pics guys, it's the most recent ones I could find,and I wanted you to see our whole family...fur and all.



Andre & Michelle

Info to follow


Brian & Andrea

Info to follow


Miles & Ruomei

File expedited - see referral page for our first referral for group 244

Ray & Mag

For 7 years, Mag and Ray had been living a completely comfortable, content, carefree, yuppy-esque existence, playing Scrabble on weekends, watching Frasier re-runs on weekdays and hanging out with their two docile mutts, when suddenly, they got nailed with the dreaded Gotta-Have-A-Baby Virus. They tried to fight the bug by eating at fine intimate restaurants and  taking self-absorbed vacations but to no avail.  The virus is a permanent condition. They're likely to spend the rest of their days riddled with worry, fatigue, and a really messy house...but they'll never be happier. Prognosis looks good after all...


Jason & Alexandria

Info to follow


Kirk & Debbie

Nice to be connecting with everyone and finally making it to this stage. We are 35 and live in Alliston, Ontario (originally from Newfoundland).  Kirk is a maintenance Manager for a Steele Tubing company and Debbie is a buyer for Honda of Canada. We live a simple life enjoying family and friends. We are very excited about bringing home our little China Doll which we have named "Olivia".  April can't come quick enough......

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David & Nicole

Info to follow

Clyde & Ginette

Clyde and I are 57 and 55 respectively. Clyde owns apartment buildings in
Miramichi,NB and I work as Account Manager Small Business,Scotiabank. We have been together for 11 years(just married August 24,2004) but had dated in our much younger years(I was 15-16 at the time). Clyde has 2 daughters from a previous mariage and we have 3 grandchildren, Emma (1Year), Georgia Rae and Ethan ,Both 6 years old. I have not had any
children and my yearning only grew after Clyde's daughter and son lived with us for 2 years. And so, after many discussions, here we are waiting for our little one(s). We are hoping to adopt twins so hopefully our current family, 2 dogs, Pawser and Ginger, and 2 cats, Clair and Pepper, will grow.  Hoping to meet you all very soon.


Send notes and pictures to surprise family and frineds and I'll add to the website.